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Amazing Art Students

Yesterday, I attended the annual Kitsap Arts and Crafts Festival.  This year it was moved to Kingston . . . which was wonderful since the weather was hot and this location is near the waters of Puget Sound and the breezes off the water are the equivalent of nature’s air conditioning.  It’s not the biggest arts and crafts festival in the area . . . however, it is one of the events in my area that showcases local artists and their crafts and I had been looking forward to going for quite a while.

I always enjoy going to arts and crafts festivals.  It’s great to see other artists that have worked hard creating and then display their work for the public.  I’m enthused and inspired at the same time . . . and usually, a bit poorer.  Although, this year I was especially thrilled to walk through one of the exhibits, the Student Art Show.  Local students in junior high, middle school, and high school are eligible to enter their art for the judged exhibit.  Elementary school students may also enter . . . although, their work is not judged.

Walking through the students’ exhibit was a real treat!  I was impressed with their talent and creativity . . . demonstrating impressive skill regardless of their age.  Several of the pieces were for sale and most had been sold by the time I arrived.  However, there was one piece that caught my attention

"Chanel" - A charcoal drawing by Helena Peterson

"Chanel" - A charcoal drawing by Helena Peterson

I was struck by the image of a girl peering out into the world . . . and then I read the information about the charcoal drawing “Chanel“.  It was completed by Helena Peterson, an 8th grader  at West Sound Academy, a college preparatory school for grades 6-12 in my area.  8th grade!!!  Wow!  I hadn’t graduated from stick figures at that age.

Chanel” was for sale for such a modest amount that I knew she had to come home with me.  I plan on having her hang in my studio to inspire me . . . and to remind me of the potential of young people.  They’re capable of so much more than we sometimes remember . . . afterall, I was learning to weave at that age. 

With the ongoing demise of art programs in our schools, it was refreshing and comforting to see such an impressive collection of work by students and know that there are some communities that endeavor to maintain and grow art programs.  I hope the students that entered the exhibit recognize not only their talent and potential, but the courage necessary to publicly display their work . . . and allowing the public to judge it.  They have inspired me!  Great job . . . and thank you!


Comments on: "Amazing Art Students" (6)

  1. Love the eyes!

  2. loomchick said:

    I agree, Sue!

  3. wow! i was surfing the web and i came across my picture! its really weird for me to have something like this admired… but woah… i had know idea that people would like my art so much! thank you for buying it and taking caring of my art! it really makes me happy! and i am still drawing and painting so mabey i will put more things into the art show next year!

    • loomchick said:

      Helena! How wonderful of you to post a message. Ever since I purchased Chanel, I wished there was a way of letting you know how much I like your work. Chanel hangs in my auxiliary studio and watches down on me while I work. Everyone that sees your drawing is impressed and frequently comment on the expression in her eyes. I hope you are able to continue to work at developing your skills and will remain interested in art. Thank you for your message . . . and especially for creating such a beautiful piece.

  4. minseok said:

    woah that eyes look so realistic. she is very talented

  5. Lucretia said:

    How delightful and thrilling to see my niece’s piece displayed on your blog! Thank you for taking such an active interest in the work of young people. Helena is such a special young woman that has been living a life full of art and joy. We’ll see more from this lovely girl!

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