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Weaving Haiku

This past Saturday evening, I had the honor and pleasure of delivering the keynote address for the Michigan League of Handweavers conference at Hope College in Holland, MI.  MLH was celebrating their 50th anniversary, which influenced me to title the presentation Celebrating 50:  Golden Moments in Warp and Weft.  Without going into details, I was able to share the intersections of general history with the signficiant and invaluable contributions to handweaving by Michigan weavers . . . and how my own story shows numerous ways that Michigan has touched my life . . . plus, participating in a 50-year celebration when one is 49 years old and about to turn 50 is a pretty great thing. 

While I was developing the keynote address, I repeatedly found affirmation of how weaving creeps into my life.  One way was using weaving as inspiration for an English composition assignment when I was a sophomore in high school well over thirty years ago.  The assignment was to write a poem about an ongoing challenge in our life.  I chose to use a haiku style  . . . this is where the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line also has five syllables.  Below is what I wrote . . . and it got me into a bit of trouble with my teacher who thought I had not taken the assignment seriously.  However, if you  are a weaver, you may identify with the ongoing challenge.

Happy 50th anniversary to MLH!  May you have many golden years ahead!

It was as true over 30 years ago as it is today!

It was as true over 30 years ago as it is today!


Comments on: "Weaving Haiku" (2)

  1. Obviously your prof knew nothing about weaving! :DDDDD



    • loomchick said:

      No kidding . . . Broken warp ends are an ongoing challenge and that was the point of the assignment.

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