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Weaving on Whidbey Island . . . plus, flying high and then coming home with 100 Harleys

When I teach a workshop for a guild or a conference, I’m never quite sure what I may come across during my adventures.  This weekend was no different!

First, I had the pleasure of doing a workshop, Extreme Warp Makeover, for the Whidbey Weavers Guild.  The weather was absolutely spectacular!  The weavers, from not only Whidbey Island . . . but, also from Orcas Island and San Juan Island . . . were amazing.  Great weaving!  amazing questions.  I hope they had at least half the fun I did.

Whidbey Island was a happening place to be this weekend . . . Just outside the building where the workshop was held was the Whidbey Island Kit Festival . . . billed as “A Festival of Colors”.  What a sight it was to behold!  I’ve never seen kites so large . . . or so many flying at the same time.  It was one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen.

My departure from Whidbey Island was another sight . . . over 100 Harley Davidson motorcycles taking the ferry from Keystone to Port Townsend  . . . not all 100 motorcycles were on the same ferry, but it was a sight . . . and sound . . . that I’ll never forget!  Lots of motorcycles . . . lots of black leather . . . and lots of rumbling when they all started up after we arrived at the Port Townsend ferry dock!

O Canada – Part 2

It takes a lot to get me to budge out of my home in September . . . but, British Columbia is one of the prettiest places in the world . . . especially during September . . . and I’ve been fortunate to do to workshops twice there this month!  My latest trip to British Columbia was to Victoria.   The weather was magnificent and the company of Canadian weavers was wonderful! 

The pictures below show the workshop . . . and two of Victoria, BC’s most notable sites . . . The Empress Hotel and the Parliament building  . . . both of which may be viewed from the inner harbor with little more than a turn of the head.  Plus, there’s an image of a bobbin winder with a view . . . For some reason, the bobbin winder attached to the window sill brought a smile to my face.

O Canada – Part 1

I love living in the Pacific Northwest!  However, I love visiting British Columbia . . . and I’ve been fortunate to be there twice in the last 10 days for weaving workshops.  This is the first of a two-part posting.

My first visit to British Columbia a little more than a week ago was to Langley, BC just inside the Canadian border near Lynden, WA.  The weather was perfect . . . sunny and warm . . . and the company was wonderful!  What else could I ever expect from Canadian weavers.

The workshop was Extreme Warp Makeover . . . an opportunity to set-up your loom with one of three four-shaft threadings and then learn to weave it in numerous ways . . . from lace, twill, and overshot to corduroy, ribbed weaves, and on opposites . . . over 30 different treadlings in 15 categories . . . all without changing the threading!

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