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O Canada – Part 1

I love living in the Pacific Northwest!  However, I love visiting British Columbia . . . and I’ve been fortunate to be there twice in the last 10 days for weaving workshops.  This is the first of a two-part posting.

My first visit to British Columbia a little more than a week ago was to Langley, BC just inside the Canadian border near Lynden, WA.  The weather was perfect . . . sunny and warm . . . and the company was wonderful!  What else could I ever expect from Canadian weavers.

The workshop was Extreme Warp Makeover . . . an opportunity to set-up your loom with one of three four-shaft threadings and then learn to weave it in numerous ways . . . from lace, twill, and overshot to corduroy, ribbed weaves, and on opposites . . . over 30 different treadlings in 15 categories . . . all without changing the threading!


Comments on: "O Canada – Part 1" (4)

  1. sounds like fun! I love the turquoise w/ green corduroy.

  2. is this the same workshop that you’ll be doing at John C. Campbell in November?

  3. thanks. I will be there, and these photos just make me anticipate the week even more.

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