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When I teach a workshop for a guild or a conference, I’m never quite sure what I may come across during my adventures.  This weekend was no different!

First, I had the pleasure of doing a workshop, Extreme Warp Makeover, for the Whidbey Weavers Guild.  The weather was absolutely spectacular!  The weavers, from not only Whidbey Island . . . but, also from Orcas Island and San Juan Island . . . were amazing.  Great weaving!  amazing questions.  I hope they had at least half the fun I did.

Whidbey Island was a happening place to be this weekend . . . Just outside the building where the workshop was held was the Whidbey Island Kit Festival . . . billed as “A Festival of Colors”.  What a sight it was to behold!  I’ve never seen kites so large . . . or so many flying at the same time.  It was one of the most joyous things I’ve ever seen.

My departure from Whidbey Island was another sight . . . over 100 Harley Davidson motorcycles taking the ferry from Keystone to Port Townsend  . . . not all 100 motorcycles were on the same ferry, but it was a sight . . . and sound . . . that I’ll never forget!  Lots of motorcycles . . . lots of black leather . . . and lots of rumbling when they all started up after we arrived at the Port Townsend ferry dock!


Comments on: "Weaving on Whidbey Island . . . plus, flying high and then coming home with 100 Harleys" (2)

  1. just noticed your post after reading Dot’s blog posts on her new inkle and Henning Band Loom: http://fibre2fabric.blogspot.com/

    Go take a look, I think you’ll be interested.

    • loomchick said:

      Thank you, Valerie. I really would love to see the Henning band loom in person . . . however, the UK is a bit far for me. Hopefully, some day I’ll come across one closer to home.

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