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Approximatley 25 years ago I attended a John Denver concert in Portland, OR . . . it was one of many of his concerts I attended.  During this particular performance he was talking to the audience about writing songs and how touched he was when people would share with him how his songs had integrated into their lives for a wedding, birth of a child, etc.  He then went on to tell us one of the biggest frustrations of being a song writer was when someone else wrote a song that made you think “I wish I had written that song!” . . . Well, that’s how I feel about the entries I recently judged for the Woodstock Weavers Guild in northern Illinois . . . on more than one occasion I thought “I wish I had made that!” 

I’m always honored to be asked to judge the work of others . . . It’s also a tremendous opportunity to get intimate with items that others seeing the exhibit don’t get to handle.  There were so many items that left me impressed . . . so much so that I ran out of words to express myself . . . a rare occurence.  Below are just a sampling of the stunning items I was priviledged to thoroughly look at . . . and I left inspired and full of new ideas. 


Comments on: "John Denver said it for me . . . sort of." (2)

  1. for an event like this, how do you make decisions in judging? do people enter in categories, or are all the entries in one sort of “big pot”? What do YOU look for when you’re looking at these pieces? What sets some of them up in your mind as examples of excellence?

    • loomchick said:

      Great questions . . . Judging weaving and other fiber arts is a bit like trying to judge the nature around us. I look for many things . . . such as, precision and execution in the chosen technique, choice of yarns/setts/etc. for the intended purpose, balance and thought of color and design, level of difficulty, etc. Two judges could look at the same items in an exhibit and have different decisions and choices for some items . . . and then there are the items that are simpliy briliant and beautifully done.

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