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Ahhhhh! Vermont!

I’ve wanted to go to Vermont for a very long time . . . Perhaps it was too many viewings of Newhart  and laughing about Larry and his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl.  Perhaps it’s my romantic impression of New England, the architecture, the pristene countryside . . . I don’t know . . . but, I finally made it there!   I flew in to Burlington to teach the workshop Extreme Warp Makeover and Vermont definitely did not disappoint!

I arrived late morning on Thursday . . . before lunch, I got to see the Waybury Inn in East Middlebury.  This is the place that served at the inspiration for The Stratford Inn for Newhart.  See the pictures below of the inn and the sign.  Lunch at Two Brothers, a New England pub, was fabulous!

The workshop, the participants, and the guild were absolutely delightful!  I don’t recall so many people finishing their sample warps during the workshop.  The workshop was held at White River Craft Center Kimball House in Randolph, VT . . . Not only is the building such a classic reminder of New England architecture (This is from a native of the Pacific Northewest) . . . the town is quaint with some stunning homes . . . that I’m grateful I don’t have to heat!


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