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I am pleased to announce that my new monograph Handwoven Decorative Trim – An introduction to weaving passementerie trims is available for sale.

Handwoven Decorative Trim - An introduction to weaving passementerie trim

Woven decorative trim has been around for thousands of years; however, there is very little available that explains how to weave it.  This monograph was written with weavers in mind.  So, if you understand just the basics of weaving, you will find this monograph full of helpful information.

This initial monograph is limited to warp-faced plain weave . . . but, once you start becoming acquainted with woven decorative trims, you will understand why the bands are often so simple in their structure.  Therefore, everything in this monograph can be woven on a simple 2-shaft loom or even an inkle loom. In addition to covering techniques for weaving decorative trim, there are sections additional sections, such as equipment, cording ideas, and instructions for creating fabric-covered cord.

This monograph, ISBN number 978-0-9842675-0-7, has been printed in color.  

Price – $18.95 (Plus, first class postage shipping & handling in United States- $2.00.  Total = $20.95 . . . Note:  Washington state residents – please add $1.63 for sales tax)

Please contact me if you live outside the United States for shipping costs.

You can pay by mailing a check to:

Robyn Spady 
c/o Spady Studios
P.O. Box 3178
Bremerton, WA  98310

Or you can pay via PayPal to account robyn@spadystudios.com


Comments on: "Handwoven Decorative Trim – the monograph is available for sale!" (14)

  1. Hazel Brend said:

    How much would the shipping be to the Uk please?

    • Thank you for your interest in my monograph. I will verify shipping to the UK tomorrow and let you know.

  2. Jean Hosford said:

    This monograph is great- I got so inspired I warped my inkle loom and wove trim….even inventing some ‘new’ ones. I’m looking forward to subsequent volumes!

    • loomchick said:

      That’s great, Jean! i would love to see your ‘new’ trims! There are so many possibilities . . . which is why I need to do a follow-up . . . plus, I need to work on new designs incorporating cording from my braiding machine!

  3. Hello,
    Congratulations on your new monograph.
    I would like to buy the book, but it is easier for me to send you the money by Western union as I live in Dubai, UAE
    The delivery will be made to a US address.

  4. Gwen Rector said:

    Hi Robyn,

    I read in the John C. Campbell Folkschool catalogue (a magical place – I’ve been there several times) that you “are inspired by the many ways to create versatile fabrics from a single warp.” Do you have any monographs or articles on that subject?

    I am the neighborhood volunteer weaving teacher of children here just outside of Annapolis, MD. Having some good information on this topic would be helpful.

    Thanks loads,

    Gwen Rector

    • loomchick said:

      Not yet . . . but, I do have plans to do it as a book. I hope to have the book available in a year or so.

  5. Hi There,
    This monograph is really very beautiful and having the dazzling potential to attract every one. Really nice art work. thanks for sharing.
    Thanks again.

    • loomchick said:

      Thank you very much for your feedback. Weaving decorative trim is pretty simple and a lot of fun.

  6. Is your publication still available and, if so, what are shipping costs to Canada? Thanks!

  7. Andrea Sharp said:

    Hi Robyn,
    How much is the shipping to Australia?

  8. Rosanna Dill said:

    Saw this book taking an inkle class, and I too would like a copy of this either paper or pdf. Let me know how much for either and I will send address info. Destination zip code is 87508-2290. Thanks in advance.

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