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(Half?) Baked Weavers

Sometimes little things crack me up . . . like going to the grocery store and finding crackers called Weavers.  They’re a baked cracker and come in ‘Original’ and ‘Rosemary and Olive Oil.  My husband thinks they’re the same thing as Triscuits . . . but, I think they’re more special then that.  Triscuits have never made me laugh!

Finally! Carbs for fiber artists!


Comments on: "(Half?) Baked Weavers" (2)

  1. I never heard of Fred Meyer. Is that a west coast brand? I want a box… Can you bring one to CNCH? I want the Rosemary and Olive Oil kind… They look great on the shelf with the yarns…

    • loomchick said:

      Fred Meyer is now a Kroger-owned grocery store . . . although, it started in Portland, OR.

      I’ll bring some rosemary and olive oil Weavers with me to CNCH in April . . . I hope you don’t mind if the mandatory cheese and wine comes along with them!

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