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On Pins and Needles

I’ve been a member of the American Sewing Guild (ASG) for several years.  The more time I spend with this group, the more enthusiastic I am about sewing with my handwoven garments.  I learn from others as much as I share with them.  The Neighborhood Group (NG), the ASG version of a study group, that I participate in is focused on garments.  

Typically, an event has been scheduled in January for our chapter to get together for food and fun.  Unfortunately, the weather over the past few years has resulted in the event being cancelled.  However, this year we’re having a very mild winter.  This event is low key and is suppose to be pure fun.  This year it was a potluck followed by a pin cushion exchange.   The pictures below show the 28 pin cushions exchanged . . . The pin cushions didn’t have to be handcrafted, but most were.  From embroidered, to crochet, to needlepoint, and sewing of course, the pin cushions were a joy to watch as they were opened one-by-one.  The one I got looks like a small dress form with a base made from a large wooden thread spool (Remember when thread spools were wood?). 

It was a really great way to spend a gray afternoon.  Much of the discussion focused on SewExpo, which is coming in less than four weeks.  Everyone was chatting about what they signed up for, how many days they plan on being there, the vendors they’re excited to visit, etc.  SewEspo is always fabulous and this year I’m sure will not disappoint!


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