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I just returned from a rare trip-for-pleasure to the Berkeley/San Francisco area.  It was an opportunity to see the exhibit King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibit at the de Young Muscum in San Francisco . . . and the Cartier and America exhibit at the Legion of Honor (also in San Francsico).  Both exhibits were as fascinating as they were beautiful.

Whenever I’m in the Berkeley area, I try to stop by Lacis, a store with extensive selection of textile and lace-making tools and supplies.  Just to be there is exciting!  It’s the kind of shop that you could go to again and again and always find something new to intrigue you.  Being there really brings our the girly-girl side of me . . . and tons of ideas!

In addition to having tools, supplies, and books (Lots of books too!), they also have a museum.  The most recent exhibit was Bobbin Lace – The Taming of Multitudes of Threads.  Unfortunately, I missed seeing the exhibit in person by less than two weeks . . . however, they have a marvelous slide show of the exhibit on their website.  The two images below are from the 167 they have in the slide show.  It’s truly a visual treat to watch . . . I’m sure it’s not as wonderful as seeing the exhibit in person, but this way I can kick back in my jammies and slippers with a cup of tea.  To see the show, here’s the link http://lacismuseum.org/exhibit/bobbin_lace/bobbin_lace.html


Comments on: "Bobbin’ around at Lacis in Berkeley, CA" (4)

  1. Thanks for the link, Robyn. I would love to see the Cartier exhibit. And how timely for King Tut to be in the news this week too!

    • What surprised me about the Cartier exhibit was how is reflected the parallels of the jewelry with the changes in American high society. There were some truly stunning pieces . . . and a couple that made me scratch my head.

  2. thanks for sharing this, Robyn – over the last few weeks I’ve been learning bobbin lace from Tracy Jackson, and it’s neat to actually recognize patterns in the photos. Some of the lace with gimp reminds me of your passementerie!

    • Thanks, Nancy! Before I know it, you’ll be the first person to figure out how to morph velvet and bobbin lace into a single weaving!

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