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A Sew & Sew Adventure

SewExpo, the largest sewing-related conference in the USA, just ended this past Sunday . . . and as expected . . . it was an adventure.  I’m sometimes unable to attend, but this year I attended all four days.  This was because of all of the classes I wanted to attend.  Unfortunately, photography is not allowed . . . so I don’t have pictures . . . but, the following were the highlights of my experience:

  • Spending time with sewing icons Marcy Tilton and Sandra Betzina.  Both of these women inspire me a great deal and getting to spend time with them was inspiring.
  • The “style” shows . . . which are free fashion shows . . . were great!  It’s a great way to see many of the patterns being sold that have been made in to garments and watch how it drapes, moves, etc.  I saw fashion shows with garments from Linda Lee, Louise Cutting, Marcy Tilton, and Sandra Betzina . . . and a style show put on by the Independent Pattern Company Alliance (IPCA) . . . this includes designs from Lorraine Torrence, Islander Sewing Systems, La Fred, Saf-T-Pocket Patterns, Dana Marie (formerly Perfection Artistic Wearables), etc.
  • One of my favorite fashion shows was put on by the fashion design design students from Bates Technical College.  Lots of creativity and ingenuity . . . including a modern-day version of a Victorian-era bustle dress that you would have to see to appreciate.
  • The vendor hall is ominous to tackle, but when you have four days you can take your time
  • In the past, the seminars were limited to 45 minutes in length . . . this year they added seminars of greater length.  I signed up for a few of them and they were well worth the time and money.  After a total of 11 classes in four days, I’m spilling over with ideas!
  • One of the high points for me was a seminar with Londa Rohlfing  She did a 45-minute seminar “Refined Embellishments” . . . and all I can say is “Wow!” . . . She was great . . . After being blown away during her 45 minutes seminar of her teaching a handful of techniques, I marched out and immediately purchased her 2 hour40 minute DVD.  If a 45-minute seminar gets me that excited, I’ll be completely unbearable after watching her DVD.  I got to spend some time with her the following day and she’s just delightful!   If you’re interested in learning more, you might like to go to her website  http://www.londas-sewing.com/.

Yes, I purchased items in the vendor hall . . . my favorite scissors of all time are the 5 1/2″ scissors from Kai Scissors.  They’re well-balanced and extremely versatile.  I went by their booth and bought a couple more pair . . . At an Expo price of $14.95/ea, why not?  They also now have a curved version of the pair and I have one of those now . . . I expect it to be really handy for trimming weft ends, etc.  To take a look, you can go to  http://www.kaiscissors.com/.  They have a three-piece ‘starter set’ that made me a believer!

Like a child after Christmas, I’m thrilled with the experience . . . but, looking forward to the next time I can attend.  I just need to figure out how to find more than 24 hours in a day to work on all the ideas I have!


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  1. Did you find that the things that you heard have opened a creative door in your interiors fabrics…. or clothing…. or both? Did you attend this conference with any ideas in mind, or do you go to these learning events open to “whatever”? Perhaps the big question may be: who teaches the teachers???

    • loomchick said:

      I attended SewExpo this year as “an adventure with no agenda”. I took 11 classes, sat through five style/fashion shows, and talked to lots of people. The wheels are in motion for some opportunities in collaborating with some well-known sewing personalities/teachers . . . but, more on that in the future. What has really blown some doors wide open for interiors, fashion, and other things is the monograph Handwoven Decorative Trim I published recently. Exciting things I hope to share in the future.

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