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I’ve been busy as usual; however, last night it dawned on me I had been in three of Washington State’s corners in a period of a little over a week.  First, I headed to Spokane to teach a workshop.  I always love going to Spokane!  It reminds me of the very first time I visited.  It was 1974 and I went there to see the World’s Fair . . . which was also my first ride in a taxi.  I think that was more exciting than anything else.  Taxis seemed very exotic back then!

36 hours before I left for Spokane, the local news station reported that we were about to have our first ‘winter weather advisory warning’ of the season.  The next day, the passes over the Cascade mountains weren’t in great shape.  This prompted me to pack along tire chains, a couple of flashlights, warm gloves, and a few extra changes of clothes just in case I had to crawl around in the snow putting tire chains on .  Fortunately, the following day turned out better than expected and I headed across the mountains and was able to drive through the late winter wonderland without incident.  Spokane was marvelous.  Sunny with cool crisp air.  The weavers in the workshop did an exceptional job.  The facility was unbelievable.  Imagine the surprise on my face when we showed up early on the first day and the tables were all linened.

The day after I returned from Spokane I headed off to La Center, WA (near Vancouver, WA).  Somehow my planets had aligned and the third beam for my 40″ wide AVL loom, which had never been used, was finding a new home.  I found it odd (yet intriguing) that someone so close to where I lived could use it since it required an AVL with the same width as mine.  Shortly after arriving at Lisa’s house to deliver the warp beam, we discovered not only had we gone to the same high school . . . but, had also graduated the same year.  We were both actively involved in the fiber arts program (known as ‘Living Arts’ in school), but neither one of us recalled the other.  It was fun recalling Mrs. Borden, our weaving teacher and bonding over how difficult high school was to endure. 

With the warp beam delivered, I took a detour to Portland, OR to visit Powell’s Bookstore, the best bookstore in the world . . . plus, visits to The Mill End Store and Fabric Depot . . . After dinner with my father, I headed home . . . however, I made a stop in Woodland, WA to take a picture of Fibre Federal, a credit union I saw on my way down.  The name cracked me up and I amused myself with ideas of financial transactions with textile folks.  I’ve provided pictures above because I thought the name was so odd.

So after making it to the Northeast corner (Spokane) and the Southwest corner (La Center), I headed off this past weekend to the Northwest corner of the state to do a workshop for the Whatcom Weavers Guild in Bellingham.  The workshop was held overlooking the Bellingham marina and the weather was fascinating to watch.  It was a great group and they completed their samples in record time.  Fortunately, we were able to transport looms to cars during breaks in the rainy weather.  It was a great way to begin spring with anticipation of sunnier and drier days.


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