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This past weekend, I was in Richmond, BC for a workshop.  It’s always a treat for me to go to Canada and I had been looking forward to this for a long time.  The workshop was literally scheduled around the recent 2010 Olympics . . . a first for me!  It was evident as I approached the USA/Canada border that the spirit of the Olympics was still going strong.

The workshop started on Friday afternoon and went through the weekend.  What made this trip even more special was taking part in Earth Hour.   The purpose of Earth Hour is to raise awareness about climate change and ponder actions we can take on a daily basis to make a difference when it comes to the environment.  So, on Saturday evening at 8:30 pm, my delightful host, Agnes, and I turned off the lights.  It appeared everyone in the area did the same thing and turned off their lights.  What did we do while the lights were out???  We sat by candlelight sipping wine and chatting. 

The company of Canadians is always marvelous.  This weekend was no different.  This particular workshop, Extreme Warp Makeover, is a lot to cover between the presentations and all of the weaving.  This group was definitely up to the challenge.   Below are a couple of pictures from the workshop . . . one picture Iwould like to point out is the wall paper border that Yoriko used in warping her loom.  The colorful trucks caught my eye and I knew I just had to take a picture to share with others.  Yoriko told us she has used it many times to warp her loom.  It still looked practically new and it worked beautifully . . . plus, it was fun to see the colorful trucks roll off the loom as the workshop progressed.

The same spirit that enwrapped the 2010 Olympics permeated the workshop.  It was a truly wonderful way to spend the weekend and I look forward to my next trip to Canada!


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