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Yes, it’s been a while since my last blog post . . . but, I’ve been teaching weaving workshops in Washington state . . . where I live.

I believe it was Plato that claimed the nature was God’s art . . . well, Mother Nature may have something to say about that . . . but, regardless of who (or what) is responsible, Washington state is one heck of a pretty place!

One workshop was in Anacortes, WA for the Samplers Study Group for the Whidbey Weavers Guild.  What fun!  For anyone that hasn’t been there, Anacortes is probably best known for two things . . . Anita Mayer and it’s also the jumping off point for the San Juan Islands . . . one of the prettiest places in the world.  Even the place the workshop was held was charming!  We were in an old one-room schoolhouse.  The Samplers Study group blazed away on their looms as they wove through 30+ treadling variations in the workshop Extreme Warp Makeover.

Next, was an inkle weaving workshop at Weaving Works in Seattle . . . and then I departed for the Methow Valley Spinners and Weavers near Carlton/Twisp in north central Washington.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the building the guild uses . . . but, I would really like one for myself.  This part of the state is beautiful and there are deer every where (see picture below) . . . one day while driving along, I came across a large herd grazing away.  I bet they’re pests to some . . . but, they were rather striking to look at.

On the way home, I passed through Cashmere, WA .  .  . I have one more sign for my growing fiber sign collection.  I then decided to cross the mountains by way of Stevens Pass instead of Snoqualmie Pass . . . I guess I wanted a change of scenery, but it also allowed me to make a brief stop in Leavenworth, a quaint Bavarian-style town in the mountains.  I took a picture and placed it below and if you look near the upper right corner you’ll see snow . . . driving through the mountains near sunset was striking with the colors reflecting off of the snow . . . perhaps Plato was correct . . . nature may very well be God’s art!


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