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I love to weave!  I love to teach!  I love the John C. Campbell Folk School!  So, it’s a thrill for me to teach a weaving class again there!  I sometimes think there must be a positive correlation with the number of pictures I take and how much I’m enjoying teaching . . . The more I enjoy the experience, the fewer pictures I take (plus, I misplaced my camera for a little while.)

When I’ve taught previously at the John C. Campbell Folk School, it’s been in March or November . . . and it hasn’t been the best weather.  This year, I was teaching in May and was looking forward to the weather . . . especially when we’re having near-winter-like weather here in the Seattle area.  Well, I must have taken the cloudy weather with me . . . again!  Looking up at the sky during most of the week reminded me of home . . . gray and overcast . . . however, there is an upside . . . it makes for great weaving weather! 

I had a great time . . . I had a great group to teach and everyone finished everything!  The weaving studio is so well equipped (due do Pam Howard, the resident artist for the weaving program) we even wet-finished a couple of the sample warps and they were dry and hard-pressed (with twisted fringe) by the time we headed off to the student exhibit.  Impressive to say the least!  I look forward to returning next year in April to teach a new workshop “The Thrill of a Twill” . . . a workshop on advancing and networked twills.  I can’t wait!


Comments on: "Weaving at the John C. Campbell Folk School" (2)

  1. What a great time! I bet you have a ton of stories to tell. Did you enjoy Morningsong each morning? How many people were in your class? The twill class sounds like it will be really good. Best wishes in the Designer’s challenge at Convergence – I saw the article in SS&D.

  2. loomchick said:

    It was great fun! There were five in the class. No velvet, but we did wet finish two of the warps.

    Thanks for the feedback on the Design Challenge! It’s been a lot of fun working with Susan Lazear on the project!

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