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I’m inspired by many things and many people . . . but, one person that inspires me beyond my expectations is Kenneth D. King.  He’s a well-known fashion designer (Elton John owns 80 of his hats . . . some appear in his videos).  He’s authored a few books that I own, but his most recent Cool Couture is one of my favorite sewing-related books.  From his unique bondage-influenced cover to the marvelous instructional content, I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to improve their sewing skills.

Yesterday, I got to spend the day with Kenneth when he was in town teaching a class based on the above book.  I have corresponded with him several times over the past  couple of years . . . and I have one of his sterling silver-handled seam rippers by my AVL for removing weaving errors when cutting out wefts is more efficient than unweaving (By the way, I use it more often than I wish, but it’s fabulous when I need it!). 

I’ve known how talented and gracious Kenneth is . . . but, what I didn’t know was how hysterically funny he can be.  Frankly, I didn’t care if he was here to read a phone book or cereal boxes . . . I’ve been excited about a class with him since I first learned he was coming.  He showed several of the techniques from his book, such as attaching a lined patched pocket using a blind hem stitch, inserting a lapped zipper, sleeve caps, and much more!  Throughout the day, the lessons were peppered with stories and anecdotes that lefted us laughing and motivated.  I can honestly tell you his insight into the fashion industry is as entertaining as it is insightful and it makes me grateful to know that there are people that appreciate unique, handcrafted garments. 

Below are a few pictures from the class.  They don’t do justice, but I was too enthralled with how I was spending my day to take many.  For anyone interested in learning more about techniques in creating exceptional garments or just want sewing-related fun, he’s a definite must-see!  You can see more of his work (and link to a King Cole rap video with Kenneth portraying a pimp) at  http://kennethdking.com/


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