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Weaving and More in Indiana

I am truly blessed to be able to make my living by weaving and teaching weaving.  I often get an adventure that exceeds my expectations . . . and my recent trip to Indiana was just such an adventure. 

While I was in Indiana, I had the opportunity to teach for two guilds . . . I did a program, There’s Two Sides to Every Cloth,  on double-faced fabrics for the Wabash Weavers Guild.  What a wonderful group of people!  There’s something special about being the heartland of the USA.  You feel at home as soon as you arrive.  Even our waiter at lunch after the program was marvelous.

After teaching for the Wabash Weavers Guild, I went on to do a program, Putting Together a Novelty Act, for Weaving Indiana on incorporating  novelty yarns into weaving projects to showcase them without breaking the bank.  The following morning, we rendezvoused for the workshop, The Fab Four.  In a short amount of time, 17 looms were moved in and ready to go.  What a beautiful sight!  I love seeing a room full of looms.  Over the course of two days, the workshop participants moved from loom-to-loom to weave a total of 12 different four-shaft samples.  I sometimes describe the workshop, The Fab Four, as a tasting menu for some of lesser known four-shaft weaves . . . from corduroy and bead leno, to swivel and overshot-patterned double weave . . . it’s a celebration of the four-shaft loom and how versatile it is.  See the pictures below . . . During the workshop the multitude of looms looked at from different angles look like advertisements for Schacht or Harrisville looms.

In addition to spending time with my favorite people . . . weavers . . . I also was able to take a drive through Purdue University, a beautiful campus . . . I also was to be found buzzing around the Indiana countryside on Saturday evening and Sunday morning in a beautiful black convertible with the top down.  How fun and liberating it feels!  Yes, I may have shown up on the last day of the workshop looking a little blowsy, but I know it’s only a matter of weeks before the chance to ride around in convertibles will be over for the winter.


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