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Love, lust, and longing at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota

I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest.  I grew up in Portland OR and moved to the Seattle, WA area nearly 22 years ago.  The scent of evergreen trees runs through my blood.  Gray weather is great for weaving.  Rainy days are great for weaving.  Oh, heck!  No matter the weather, it’s always great for weaving here . . . but, I digress.  My travels occasionally take me to people and places that make me wish I lived there . . . at least as a second home . . . and my recent trip to teach for the Weavers Guild of Minnesota (www.weaversguildmn.org) is just one of those adventures.

First, if you’re not familiar with the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, allow me to introduce them to you . . . or at least their “clubhouse”.  It’s a large and very active guild and a cadre of weavers that inspire by just walking into a room.  Combine that with their unblievable facility and you have one of the most decadent weaving places in the country . . . perhaps the world!  They have a permanent facility with two large rooms full of looms, a kitchen, and store!  But, wait!  I’m not done!  There’s also a large room in a corner of the building with a window on the world around them.  This room can serve many functions and needs and the windows make it feel big and bright. 

In addition to their fabulous facility, the Weavers Guild of Minnesota is located right smack in the middle of the Textile Center (www.textilecenter.mn.org).  Another treat for any fiber artist!  It has a gallery, shop where they sell finished items, a large textile library, and much much more!  If I lived within a 100 miles of Minneapolis, I doubt I would feel the need to go anywhere else on a daily basis.  Perhaps they would just allow me to set-up a cot in the corner and I could run around in my jammies and slippers indulging myself moment-to-moment.  Be still my heart!  Going there makes me think Mamma!  I’m home!

I’ve had the honor and pleasure of teaching for the Weavers Guld of Minnesota before . . . and I was looking forward to returning.  I began with a program Putting Together a Novelty Act to the entire guild on Thursday evening and followed by teaching my workshop Extreme Warp Makeover on Friday through Sunday.  It can be an intense workshop experience taking a single threading and learning how to weave it a multitude of different ways . . . But, everyone seemed up to the challenge and were troopers as I introduced category-after-category spread across the three days.  What a great group!  I was sorry to see the workshop come to a close.

Below I’ve inserted some images from my adventures in Minneapolis . . . I would be seriously remiss without a salute to my host, Cindy.   From getting teary-eyed (at least on my part) while watching the rescue of the Chilean miners on television, to the wine tastings at the shop downstairs, to being entertained by the parade of Segway riders (drivers?) out of her window, to the roasted cauliflower, and more . . . I thoroughly enjoyed her hospitality and company . . . time with her really helped make my trip special!

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