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Every time I go to Florida, I’m reminded how different the United States can be in different parts of the country . . . Besides the tropical weather, palm trees, etc., the sun rises over the ocean!  Now that may not seem unusual to many . . . but, when you’ve grown up in the Pacific Northwest and the sun sets behind the ocean, the sunrise can be quite captivating.

I recently had the honor to teach at the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild conference in Orlando, FL.  What a joy!  For me, there are few things in life as good as teaching weaving . . . but, to do it in the company of such a great group with warm and sunny weather . . . while it’s gray, wet, and cold back home . . . is especially great!  I was having such a great time teaching that I forgot to take any pictures of my workshop There’s Two Sides to Every Cloth . . . but, I did get one of the sunrise on Lake Yale on the morning of the last day.  Trust me . . . the picture doesn’t do justice to what Mother Nature shared with us that morning.

While I was in Florida, I spent a few extra days in southern Florida to visit The Tassel Depot, one of the last remaining passementerie-related companies still in operation in the USA for a future article.  While there, I got to take in lunch at the beach . . . pretty fabulous . . . although, I’m sure my fair skin gave me away as someone definitely NOT from Florida.

Before heading back to the gray and wet Pacific Northwest, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit the Boca Raton Museum (http://bocamuseum.org/index.php?src) to see the exhibit CUT! Costume and the Cinema. The exhibit was wonderful.  I expected the garments to be displayed behind glass . . . but, there they were . . . out in the open and close enough to get a good, close look.  In addition to stunning costumes from recent period movies, the exhibit also provided displays of the design process and what would have been required UNDER the garment.  Fascinating, to say the least!  Below are a couple of images.  The exhibit is up until April 17th if you’re in the area.

A gown worn by Keira Knightley in The Duchess

Johnny Depp wore this as Captain Jack Sparrow

As an aside to my textile adventures in Florida, there was a sign that made me laugh . . . and it also made me wonder what the story was behind it.  I may never know, but it was entertaining enough to take a picture to share.  Why only Lexus?




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