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I love Canada and have always felt very fortunate that I live so close to it and get to venture there every once in a while to visit and to teach.  My recent workshop for the Peace Arch Weavers and Spinners Guild is just one such opportunity.  I packed up my little Miata in a rather creative fashion (the trunk is only 5 cubic square feet . . . while my Ford Explorer has 80), threw back the top, and headed north with excitement and a little wild abandonment looking forward to teaching and spending time with my Canadian friends.

The workshop was held at the Surrey Museum in Surrey, B.C.  A very nice museum with an amazing staff.  I love museums and teaching in one is a real treat . . . but, best of all, the Surrey Museum has the Textile Studio on the 2nd floor . . . complete with a Jacquard loom!  There are a number of facilities I’ve been to that excite me and leave me envious . . . The Textile Center in Minneapolis, MN where the Weavers Guild of Minnesota meets, the house where The Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati meets, and now the Surrey Museum.  I think it would be exciting to have access to a Jacquard loom!

Not only did I have a great time with the Peace Arch Weavers and Spinners Guild, I was also given a heads up about The Game.  My first response was “What game?”  It’s moments like this that I wish I had done a little homework before leaving home.  The Game they were referring to was the fifth game of the Stanley Cup finals . . . the Vancouver Canucks vs the Boston Bruins . . . and it was going to be played while I was there.

Even though I frequently ice skate, I’ve never seen a hockey game or even follow hockey . . . but, after watching the fifth game of the Stanley Cup and bearing witness to the Canucks winning 1-0, I may just have to start watching.  It was fast and it was thrilling!  The television coverage showed not only the game, but the fans throughout Vancouver.  What a spirit to behold!   After four games, the series stood 2-2.  By winning the fifth game, the Canucks led 3-2 . . . and after returning to Boston for game six, the series is now tied 3-3 and tonight is the final and deciding game.  I will be watching and cheering Go, Canucks!.  Some may consider it unpatriotic to cheer for a Canadian team . . . but, they are my near neighbors to the north . . . and I always love to see teams win a series at home.

Go, Canucks!  Good luck and play well!


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