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I can see the knots of 2011

Weavers have an odd lexicon.  There are things we say . . . such as warping a loom and beating the weft . . . that make people look at us as though we’re speaking a different language . . . and, in a way, we are.  What we say at times is  a mysterious query (What the blazes is this?) . . . a dramatic scene played out with tears and bad words  (I can’t believe this &*@#$ thing broke!) . . . but, hopefully everything we say is enveloped in a language of love . . . well, a language of love of sorts.  We wouldn’t be weaving if we didn’t love it, right?

In a matter of hours, 2012 will be here . . . which means I can see the knots of 2011.  Seeing the knots on my loom means the project is nearing completion.  We all understand each other when we ask How’s your project going?  and the person responds with I can see my knots . . . because we know the project is coming to an end and all of the hard work in planning the project, acquiring the materials, warping the loom, and weaving the fabric is about to pay off.

2011 was a great year for me.  I got to spend much of my time teaching and sharing my enthusiasm for weaving with other weavers.  For me, it’s one of the best things in the world and I feel so privileged to be able to do it.  Looking ahead to 2012 is pretty exciting.  I will be teaching and sharing . . . plus, I also have some new opportunities and challenges that I eagerly look forward to taking on.

One thing that will make 2012 a little more comfortable is the new bench top for the bench of my AVL.  My wonderful husband is a talented woodworker and over the years has made and repaired many of my weaving tools and apparatus.  One of his crowning achievements is the bench for my counterbalance loom, which was made from walnut and 100+ year-old myrtle word that his late father had carted around for decades.  One thing I love about that bench is the depth of the bench top . . . it really supports my ample backside!  This is very important when weaving for long periods of time.

Well, since I purchased my AVL over 11 years ago, I’ve grappled with a bench top that was wide enough, but too shallow and I always felt like I was balancing on a wide beam while I wove.  In November, I asked my husband if he would make me a new bench top that was  deeper to make it more comfortable to weave.  Voila!  On Christmas morning, I opened the new bench top.  It was the same width, but it had been made significantly deeper.  Plus, he carved out an area so a closed-cell foam insert can set inside to make it even more comfortable . . . and to top it off, he carved some small Celtic knots in the ends.  Perfect!  It’s better than what I had asked for!

I hope your look back at 2011 is as breathtaking as mine . . . and that 2012 looks at promising and exciting as ever!

Happy New Year!


Comments on: "I can see the knots of 2011" (10)

  1. Personally I am grateful to see the end of 2011! Hope your 2012 turns into everything you hope for.

  2. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year. Looking forward to seeing you in your Cleveland, OH trip!

  3. Seeing the knots of 2011 – that’s a powerful metaphor, and I love it! I’ve been hearing about the class you did that my friend, Sharon, from Reno, did earlier this year – she was so inspired! And she’s dragged me right along with her.

    I love your new benchtop. I have an old (34 yrs. old) fireside loom bench that’s adjustable in height, but it has a slight slant to it. Since I’m short, at my big loom, I feel like I’m sliding off!! I’m thinking about making it flatter, and the foam on yours has me thinking…

    If you have a list of upcoming workshops (I live in Oregon), could you let me know where they are?

    Have a happy, no bad words or broken warp new year!!

    • loomchick said:

      Thank you, Laura . . . I bet your Fireside loom is beautiful.

      My upcoming classes are on my website at http://www.spadystudios.com. I hope that will help . . . although, I’m not currently scheduled to teach in Oregon. I am teaching in Washington and in northern California (CNCH 2012 conference).

      Happy New Year!

      • loomchick said:

        I look forward to seeing you again, April . . . and I’m thrilled your daughter is coming. I can’t believe she’s 12!

  4. April Muegge said:

    My 12 year old daughter and I are signed up for your Feb. workshop in Bellingham on Inkle weaving. I look forward to seeing you again. Have a Happy New Year!

  5. The Swedish expression would be “I can see the happy hole”… so: happy new year!

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