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Hello weaving friends!  Happy holidays and everything that goes along with the cheer of the season.  We are now approaching my favorite holiday . . . New Year’s Day!  However, today is December 26th . . . a day called Boxing Day.  Regardless of how you chose to celebrate Boxing Day . . . if you do at all . . . I decided this may be an appropriate time to re-gift one of my favorite things . . . free ebooks from Handwoven magazine!

At the present time, Handwoven magazine has 11 ebooks available for free download from the Weaving Today website .  These are not the same as the ebooks they have for purchase and download . . . but, they’re FREE!  So if you’re gearing up for 2013 and are interested in learning new things or seeking inspiration, check these out at http://www.weavingtoday.com/content/Free-eBooks.aspx.  Yes, you will need to create an account on Weaving Today to access these ebooks . . . but, that’s free too.

Here’s a very brief preview to the 11 ebooks:

Learn How to Weave – Whether you’re interested in learning about warping techniques, becoming acquainted with weaving terms, would like a weaver’s guide to yarn . . . or are an experienced weaving veteran and want to validate how much you know . . . this resource can be a great place to start.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/How-to-weave/

Learn to weave sample

All About Weaving Looms – Have you always owned a rising shed jack loom, but wondered about counterbalance and/or countermarche looms . . . and how these looms differ and their strengths and weaknesses?  I highly recommend this resource.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/Weaving-Looms/

About Looms

Hand Weaving Supplies – Weavers needs tools and gadgets (I’m a self-confessed gadget junkie).  This resource presents the fundamentals on a wide variety of weaving tools and supplies, such as a yarn swift, using McMorran yarn balance (and how to make a yarn balance), choosing the appropriate shuttle, and even improving the ergonomics of using a warping board.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/weaving-supplies/

Weaving tools

Weaving Patterns – There may be only four weaving patterns in this ebook . . . but one of them, Four-shaft Huck Towels by Lynn Tedder, is one of my my all-time favorite weaves . . . huck lace!  Plus, Lynn even shows different hem treats to add that little something extra.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/weaving-patterns/

Weaving Patterns

Weaving Projects – There are a modest number of weaving projects in this ebook, but they’re simple, beautiful, and versatile.  The huck lace placemats by Suzie Liles were especially intriguing to me.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/weaving-projects/

Weaving projects

Handwoven Scarves – I don’t weave scarves very often . . . mostly because I don’t tend to wear scarves . . . but, there are six in this ebook that could easily inspire me to change my mind.  The scarf below was woven by Madelyn van der Hoogt and I know I want to give it a try in 2013.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/handwoven-scarves/

How to weave a scarf sample

Table Runners – Table runners are a wonderful thing to weave because they often require less materials than many other projects.  Plus, they make great gifts.  There are four table runners in this ebook that my be fun to consider to weave as gifts for the holidays in 2013.  Oops!  Sorry!  I should probably hold off mentioning weaving things for 2013 for while, right?  http://www.weavingtoday.com/table-runner-patterns/

Table runners

Woven Throws – Cold months make me want to weave throws . . . some thing to cuddle up in with a cup of tea or hot chocolate sounds pretty good, huh?  I have an especial fondness for this ebook since one of the projects was woven by yours truly.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/woven-throws/


Woven Bags – From a bag made from felted squares woven on a pin loom to a yoga mat carrier to go along with the New Year’s resolution to get fit, there are four fun projects in this ebook.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/woven-bags/


Woven Rugs – Weaving a rug can be an ominous undertaking, but the three projects in this ebook could give you a great start.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/woven-rugs/


Know Your Rights: Copyright 101 for Weavers – Yeah, I know.  Copyright may not be the most exciting thing when we talk about weaving . . . however, it can be helpful to know your rights with your designs and images . . . and how to properly use information and images that inspired you for your own work.  http://www.weavingtoday.com/media/p/7626.aspx


Again, happy everything to everyone . . . There are a number of gifts waiting for you at http://www.weavingtoday.com/content/Free-eBooks.aspx!


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  1. Phillenore said:

    Thank you Robyn! BTW, I enjoy all of your posts.

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