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The letter ‘e’ is important in many ways.  One way is it transforms the word ‘dying’ . . . a very grim word meaning ceasing to live or approaching death . . .  into ‘dyeing’ . . . a word meaning to add or change color.  I like that much better.  One thing I do like about these words is the confusion and bewilderment it can create for non-fiber folks when we say we’re going to spend the day dyeing or take a class on dyeing.  To many, it sounds like end-of-life planning.  For others, it conjures up visions of rainbows.

I have to admit . . . I’m not the most experienced or well-versed dyer.  However, there are some simple techniques that I’ve used to help transform my yarns and fabric into something remarkable for a project.  This brings me to share with you some on-line resources for dyeing yarn and fabric.

Spinning Daily’s Guide to Dyeing Yarn: Learn How to Dye Using Natural Dyeing Techniqueshttp://www.spinningdaily.com/dyeing-yarn/

This is a free ebook from our friends at Spin Off magazine.  I like this publication as a way of getting me to appreciate natural dyeing techniques . . . from black walnuts

Guide to Dyeing Yarn

Plus, now that summer is officially upon us . . . give solar dyeing a try and let Mother Nature help you transform your yarns!

Sun-kissed dyeing

Quilting Daily’s Easy Resist Fabric Dyeing Techniques for Batik-style Dyeing and Surface Design – http://www.quiltingdaily.com/free-resist-fabric-dyeing-techniques/

This is another free ebook; however, this one is from our friends at Quilting Daily.  It find it inspirational for those pieces of fabric I have woven that I think need to be punched up a bit.

Easy Resist Fabric Dyeing

Dye Your Yarn – http://www.dyeyouryarn.com/

This is a website full of information on different techniques from dyeing with food dyes, Kool-Aid, and Easter egg dyes to transform yarns.  Fun things to do with kids too!  The following are just a few examples:

Dyeing silk with Kool-Aid

Dyeing silk with Kool-Aid


McCormick food dye formulas

McCormick Formulas

Dyeing with Easter egg dyes

Dudley's Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Kathryn Ivy’s website – http://kathrynivy.com/patterns/extras/dyeing-yarn/

Check out this website for a fun tutorial on dyeing with Easter egg dyes.  I think she got stunning results!

Yarn Dyeing Tutorial

Dharma Trading’s dyeing with ice (or snow) – http://www.dharmatrading.com/html/eng/13399009-AA.shtml

If the summer heat is getting to you, perhaps dyeing with ice will help cool you off (a margarita nearby isn’t a bad idea).

Ice dyeing

And, finally . . . there are a number of resources available to walk you through dyeing in a Crock Pot.  The two below are just a couple that will show you how.

Twin Willows Farm – Rainbow Crock Pot dyeing – http://www.twinwillowsfarm.com/rainbow.html

Crock pot dyeing

Sleepy Eyes Knitting – http://sleepyeyesknitting.blogspot.com/2007/02/crockpot-fiber-dyeing.html

Crock pot dyeing - roving exxample sleepy eye

Whether I cool off this summer by dyeing with ice or I wait for cooler weather and use my Crock Pot, these are some helpful resources to get you started created your own unique and colorful yarn and fabric!




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