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These are a few of my favorite things: #38 – Designing Celtic Knots

I find Celtic knots and knotwork attractive and very ‘weaverly’.  I think it’s my Irish ancestry bubbling up.  I enjoy tying (or at least trying to tie) a simple cord and transform it into a Celtic knot.  When I need a Celtic knot “fix”, there are a number of resources available that allow me to basically doodle away in designing Celtic knots.  Sometimes they turn into something real . . . like a pendant.  Sometimes they are merely a diversion . . . although, time seems to pass quickly.  Sometimes I develop ideas for new projects.

Years ago, I was fortunate enough to take a workshop on Celtic line drawing with Cheryl Samuel.  In case you may be interested in learning to design your Celtic knots and lines, one of the resources below may be just the thing.

To start, there’s one website offering a number of different resources, so allow me to introduce a few one-by-one

Interactive Celtic Knot Designer – Automatic – http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/knots/mkknot.htm

This resource literally allows you to click your way into designing a Celtic knot.  Using your mouse, select the Celtic knot type from the right side.  Then, click into the space on the left side and watch your Celtic knot develop.  Very easy!

Interactive Celtic Knot Designer - Automatic

Interactive Celtic Knot Designer - Automatic #2
Interactive Celtic Knot Designer – Manual – http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/knots/mkknot2.htm

If you would like to kick your Celtic knot design experience up a level, the same website has a ‘manual’ way to design Celtic knots.  In addition to to selecting your style, you also have a set of tools that allow you design corners, edges, and more.  This is important since designing the interlacement is one thing . . . designing the edges and corners is another thing altogether.

Interactive Celtic Knot Designer - Manual

Another area of the website pumps up the volume, try the Interactive Celtic Knot Designer – Tilted – http://gwydir.demon.co.uk/jo/knots/mkknot3.htm

Tilted knot

The Obyx Celtic Knot Generator http://www.obyx.org/knots.obyx?width=20&height=20&border=8&style=14&tile=0&mirror=3  The Obyx Celtic Knot Generator allows a user to manipulate the parameters of a Celtic knot (e.g., height, width, mirroring, etc.) to see how it impacts the results.

Obyx Celtic Knot generator
Fly Pig
at http://www.flypig.co.uk/?page=celtic offers another method for designing Celtic knots.  The one fun feature this resource has is a “Weirdness” component.  By increasing or decreasing the “Weirdness” value, the interlacement changes.  (Frankly, I think we need more opportunities to adjust the “weirdness” in our lives)

Flying Pic Celtic knot generator
If you prefer a paper and pencil approach to designing, Knotwork has Celtic knotwork tutorials – http://www.aon-celtic.com/cknotwork.html

Knotwork website
To get started, go to Basic Celtic Knotwork . . . there you will find a three-part tutorial . . . plus, even a short video animation.

Knotwork - basic knot page
The Celtic Knot Generator at http://w-shadow.com/celtic-knots/ is another option to indulge yourself in Celtic knot drawing.  Again, you can manipulate the parameters and see what happens.  Below are images of the default screen and one of a simple knot I made.

Celti Knot Generator

Celti Knot Generator sample

Is your mouse not working?  Don’t worry!  You can make Celtic knots by using your keyboard. Clan Badge offers tutorials in two different ways to draw Celtic Knotwork. –  http://www.clanbadge.com/tutorial.htm . . . one of them shows you how to use your keyboard.

Clanbadge - Two ways to draw Celtic knots


Keyboard method for Celtic knotsIf you’re interested in even more options, you may be interested in downloading an application

Knotter http://knotter.mattbas.org/Knotter – This takes a little longer to learn, but it’s worth it if you feel up to the challenge.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of Celtic knot design resources . . . just something to get you started.  I hope you have fun while you learn how to design Celtic knots.


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