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Heddlecraft – A new digital weaving magazine is now available

Last month I posted my 50th favorite thing  This wrapped up the promise I made in January 2012 to share 50 of my favorite resources.  It was a fun project and I was excited about each and every one I shared.

Since the last one was posted, people have asked me Now what?  Well, there’s two answers to that question.  The first one is that I will continue to share resources I find helpful and inspirational for weavers and weaving.  The second one is more self-serving . . . I have launched a digital weaving magazine, Heddlecraft.

Heddlecraft w motto in lavender

Part of the impetus for starting a digital weaving magazine came while I was working on my favorite things.  A number of these were  digital versions of weaving periodicals published previously like the Warp and Weft and Drafts and Designs – A Guide 5 and 12 Harness Weaves, which were both published by Robin and Russ Handweavers and the Shuttle Craft Guild’s BULLETIN.

Heddlecraft - Jan 2016 cover sm

Heddlecraft will be published six times a year.  A one-year subscription is US$19.99.  A single issue is US$4.50.  Payment is made via PayPal.

Subscribing to Heddlecraft may be completed by going to the Heddlecraft website at www.heddlecraft.com and going to the PDF Edition tab.  Within 24 hours of subscribing or purchasing an issue, a PDF is emailed to the email account associated with the PayPal account.  The PDF may be saved on to a computer, tablet, or other electronic device.  This also allows the document to be printed.

The objective of Heddlecraft is to provide a resource that aids weavers in better understanding weaving.  Each issue will have a weave or weaving topic that will be presented in detail.  Advancing twills werethe featured weave for the first issue.

The weaves will present the issue’s weave or weaving technique for four- and eight-shaft looms; however, variations with more than eight shafts are possible.  In the first issue, there are advancing twill samples for four-, eight, and 16-shaft looms.

What else can you expect to find inside Heddlecraft?  There are aspects about weaving that may bewilder weavers.  Heddlecraft will present some of these.  In the first issue, there is an article Who’s Your Tabby? that explains the wide variety of interpretations of tabby since it’s not just plain weave.

There will also be additional features, such as Shelf Awareness.  This is the opportunity to share information about weaving books – both old and new.  New books are reviewed when they are originally published.  But, what about books published prior to when one started weaving?  Well, that’s what Shelf Awareness is all about.   Mary Black’s book New Key to Weaving is presented in the first issue.

There will be a tip, technique, or tool featured to aid weavers in weaving better or more efficiently.  In the first issue, the tip was an easy and quick way to weave a header.

It may be received as a conflict of interest to present Heddlecraft here along with other resources.  But, I hope the weaving community will understand.  After this post, I’ll return to sharing other resources.

As mentioned earlier, subscribing to Heddlecraft may be completed by going to the Heddlecraft website at www.heddlecraft.com and going to the PDF Edition tab


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